Kindergarten (Shares with Mrs. Derhousoff)

Email: yolanda_krahn@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Kindergarten (Shares with Mrs. Krahn)

Email: alyssa_derhousoff@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Kindergarten/Grade 1

Email: carrie_durflinger@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Grade 1

Email: diane_thiesen@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Grade 1/2

Email: brenda_stewart@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Grade 2/3

Email: heidi_deagle@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Grade 3

Email: rosemary_ferguson@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Grade 4

Email: tammy_mckinley@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Grade 5

Email: dale_hoeppner@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Prep teacher

Email: katie_julseth-white@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Prep teacher (on leave)

Email: tamara_kelly@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738


Email: jodi_knodel@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Learning Assistance and K/1 Intervention

Email: andrea_yake@sd33.bc.ca
Phone: 604.823.6738

Information & Announcements

Kindergarten Registration is OPEN

To register at Greendale Elementary or any school in SD33 please click here.

The Chilliwack School District has moved to a centralized, electronic registration system. Our schools no longer accept paper registration forms. This online process provides parents and guardians an option to register their child at any time, even over the summer break. This includes registration for K-12, French Immersion, and out of catchment requests. You will be required to: