Welcome to Greendale Elementary Community School!

September is fast approaching and preparations are being made for the new school year.  While we are uncertain of our start date, school will begin and our students will return to continue their journey in learning.  Please feel free to drop in and meet the new principal, Mrs. Nicole Driscoll.


School Supplies 2014/15 

Please be advised that teachers have pre-ordered school supplies for next year. Instead of shopping for supplies, this chore has been done for you, and at less than the cost it would be if you shopped on your own. Students will be able to bring in a cheque for between $40-$45 in September (Depending on what class they are in) to cover the cost of supplies for the year. If shopping for supplies is an enjoyable one for you and your children, please feel free to purchase anything they will need for working at home, but, to keep things consistent in the classroom, you’ll still be asked to purchase the classroom supplies. Teachers are not making any money for this or gaining anything for their classrooms. This is strictly for students to be consistent and to save parents money. If you have any questions, please contact the school. A letter will come home explaining this in early September.