Welcome to Greendale Elementary Community School!


Hello parents and community members,

As you may know, the Chilliwack School District Strategic Plan is being renewed to provide us with a 2015-2020 plan for the future. The Board of Education and Steering Committee is pleased to provide you with opportunity for further input into our Strategic Planning process through a Community Survey.

Over the past number of months numerous Focus Group meetings have been held with individuals and partner organizations who are connected to Chilliwack School District.  We are continuing to gather important feedback from you through this Community Survey.

Please take a few minutes to answer some questions regarding the strengths of our district and ideas you might have that would support each student being successful in the future.


 The responses from the survey will be collected and used as part of the information for consideration by the Board of Education and Strategic Planning Steering Committee in its development of the 3-5 year renewed Strategic Plan. This survey will be available into January 2015.

We will also be hosting Community Forums, to be held in February/March, when we will be bringing back a summary of information that has been collected to date and to help inform the future direction of our district. These community forums will be an opportunity for our community to provide further feedback in to the future direction of Chilliwack School District.

We thank you in advance for your time and input.

 Kind regards,

Evelyn Novak

Superintendent of Schools

Chilliwack School District